Welcome to Table of Trihumph

Lets Put 100 Kids Into School this YEar!


Table of Trihumph is a unique opportunity for art collectors and philanthropists alike to attend exclusive dinners that are designed to empower. Each member will acquire 4 original Trihumph artworks throughout the course of the year as well as grant the opportunity for 1 Honduran child’s privatized education. In addition, the dinners will fund both the art production/studio costs of the artist Trihumph.


With an annual membership fee of $2,500 - a donation of $500 will be made to Angeles Para Honduras. In the existing Honduran Education System, all education offered is privatized after a child finishes middle school. At only 12 years old, many children whose families cannot afford the further education costs are forced into work at only 12 years old or are left to the streets to fend for themselves. Thanks to each of our members participation, Table of Trihumph is granting one full year of Education to a child in Honduras per membership including their food, housing, school supplies and physical education. 


Membership Benefits:


Annual Membership Benefits

  • (4) Three Course Meals with Drinks fully compensated

  • (4) Original Trihumph Artworks ranging from one-of-a-kind handmade paintings, furniture, rugs, and sculptures

  • Education, housing, food, and recreation sports for one Honduran child for the entire year

  • 25% Discount on art purchased at future Trihumph Exhibitions


What is a Yankee Swap Art Exchange?


Adding Excitement To Each Dinner

To encourage conversation and excitement amongst the eclectic group of members, each dinner will conclude with a Yankee Swap Art Exchange.


In Yankee Swap each participant’s name is randomly drawn, and they select one envelope from any of the envelopes in the middle of the table. Each envelope will have a different picture of a Trihumph artwork.


The next person whose name is drawn then chooses an envelope and opens it, and then must decide whether to keep it or swap it for the first player’s envelope. Each person in order of names called then gets to select an envelope, open it and decide whether to keep it or swap it for any other envelope that has already been opened.


Opening of envelopes and swapping takes place until all the artworks have been chosen. Finally, the person who picked first chooses from all the envelopes or keep what she/he has already received. In the end, the photo of the artwork they are holding is the art they’ve now collected.


Once the game has ended there is a sticker on the back of each artcard that will be peeled off to reveal the true price of the artwork you received as a member. Each piece will be ranging in value from $1,500 - $10,000. This allows for a non biased and exciting way for members to chose amongst Trihumph’s works.  


If you are not able to be present at all of the meals, that is OK! You can still participate on the go or at home in the Yankee Swap aspect of the meals via text or facetime. Texts of the artwork in the envelope you would have received at the meal can be sent to your phone, and our staff can help you identify previously opened artworks and make the decision to keep or swap your artwork with another member, and will keep you up to date with other swaps of art that happen involving your envelope.


Annual Membership $2500