• February 2016The Adidas Show Case: Adidas Skateboarding: Soho Arts Club: NEW YORK CITY, USA: Group Exhibition.


  • September 2016Soul Seasoning: Soho Arts Club: NEW YORK CITY, USA: Solo Exhibition.


  • February 2017Visual Reflex: Casa Blanc Gallery: BOSTON, USA: Solo Exhibition.       


  •  March 2017Japan Fusion East X West: Fusion International: KANAZAWA JAPAN: Group Exhibition.  


  • April 2017Badass Gallery Presents TRIHUMPH: Badass Gallery: KANAZAWA JAPAN: Solo Exhibition.


  • June 2017: Art & Philanthropy: Rising Start ArtRamscale Studio: NEW YORK CITY, USA: Group Exhibition.


  • November 2017Pharmaceutical State: Soho Arts Club: NEW YORK CITY, USA: Group Exhibition.


  • December 2017The Adidas Show Case x JUXTAPOZ Club House: JUXTAPOZ x ADIDAS: MIAMI, USA: Group Exhibition.

  • December 2017: Cancer Killers: American Childhood Cancer Organization Benefit Art Show Curated by Mike Malbon FRANKS CHOP SHOP NYC: Seward Park High School: NEW YORK CITY, USA: Group Exhibition. 


TRIHUMPH (1996) is a multidisciplinary artist who bases his creative explorations on visions and ideas provoked by his method of utilizing scribbling and its unpredictable essence. TRIHUMPH believes all obstacles faced in art and life are opportunities. TRIHUMPH uses random forms to provoke visions for himself during and after his creations, in an effort to keep the piece alive and abstract rather than fully concluded. His works carry profound messaging, prompting viewers to reflect on their ability of pattern recognition when looking at any form, and how it can be used to see new visions, ideas or styles.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, TRIHUMPH began painting with stencils at age 15, before leaving school a year in advance to take his art more seriously. 

TRIHUMPH creates in mediums such as oil paint, acrylic, graphite, digital, furniture, rugs, sculpture and performance art. 

i sense the paint,
its color
its density
its release
I paint in mental Fog
opening the gates to timely mist of imagination
but I react
Without thinking
Because I know I am doing so on a much deeper level
and an intuitive, imaginative foresight
begins to free flow with muscle memory
and beauty emerges from the canvas

Its a harmony, experienced with time, creation, and action
But too much attention spent and getting distracted becomes a risk
and believe you know more than you know you know.
Ego may take its course and is impatient to results
A piece can take a predictable route or a route for new discovery
Added Randomness may seem like obstacles but provides for extra opportunity